Meet Tara Haddad

Tara Haddad had an entrepreneurial bent from a young age and began a tutoring/learning center business that she managed even during her college years.  She continues to be involved in that field as the Director at Aspire Math Academy which is a Certified Singapore Math Learning Center. 


While in college she studied biology with a plan to attend medical school, but when she did some volunteering work at a hospital, she decided it was not the path for her.  She continued to manage her learning center while she studied accounting and became a CPA.  She worked for Ernst & Young, doing tax work and risk management work.  When she became a mom and need more flexibility, her entrepreneurial skills kept her busy as a real estate agent and also focused more on consulting in the areas of accounting and financial analysis, all things that prepared her for her leadership role at Modern Meat.

Modern Meat

Tara Haddad is currently the CEO of Modern Meat.  She started Modern Meat and has been building the company from the ground up.  Modern Meat focuses on creating plant-based meat alternatives that are non-GMO, soy-free, gluten-free, and even preservative-free.  The company went public on June 26, 2020.  They started selling their product through food service markets in February and won an award for Best New Product of the Year at a recent trade show, but when COVID hit, they pivoted out of food service since all of the restaurants had shut down.  At that point they have focused on retail and selling their products to local retailers, getting into 37 different retailers by April of this year.